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What Is HitLeap?

HitLeap is the latest traffic exchange service on the market. The product has been creating quite a buzz in the online marketing industry for some time. The service will hook up marketers who want to promote their websites with other people who have a similar interest. In fact, the basic idea of the service is a mutual exchange of viewers. 

You can submit your site to their network, but nothing will happen until you acquire minutes - whichHitLeap is very important to earn hits to your site. You should browse through the network of the traffic exchange service and click on the existing links to other websites. In fact, this should be done through their browser in order for the clicks to be counted. That way you will earn important minutes - which you can spend to get a certain number of hits for your website. Once you have spent the minutes, you should be getting more minutes if you want to earn more traffic in the process. This article provides information on what is HitLeap.

One disadvantage of the service is that you have to download and install a viewer locally on your computer to watch other websites and earn minutes. In case you don't like to download an alien software that runs on your computer, you can easily choose to buy traffic packages from the service. There are different types of traffic packages for you to choose from. In fact, the basic package has 10,000 minutes or 30,000 hits and cost only $9. The next package costs $21 and has 25,000 minutes and 75,000 hits. There are many other packages that you could choose from. Here are some of the other popular traffic packages that you could purchase from the service.

. 50,000 minutes / 150,000 hits will cost $38HitLeap Quality Traffic
. 100,000 minutes / 300,000 hits will cost $69
. 250,000 minutes / 750,000 hits will cost $170
. 500,000 minutes / 1,500,000 hits will cost $329
. 1,000,000 minutes / 3,000,000 hits will cost $625

Many users have positively reviewed and provided testimonials for this product. The design of the website is simple and easy to navigate. In fact, a new member can easily know the features of the service as soon as they come to the site. HitLeap is considered one of the best traffic exchange services on the market today. You should be investing in the product without delay.

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